Patriot Whistleblowers

Move to Amend


Every American who has spoken out about unsafe products, chemicals in water & food, unsafe medicines, etc.:  Visit this site to see what the GOP believes should be legal as long as it makes a profit:

Govt admits Brig Commander improperly put BradleyManning on suicide watch last week.

Open Letter & PETITIONS from Community of Prominent Whistleblowers to AG Holder  |  / 

Anyone who has helped to turn in these criminals who claim to stand for “family values”:

Anyone who speaks up about wrongdoing in workplaces and is able to do so without signing a gag order:  Confidentiality Settlements Hide Dangerous Corporate Behavior

Check out our latest episode of Whistle Where You Work on the future of the Whistleblower bill, & our food conference

Please read, learn and share this important US Labor History ALL Americans should know!

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