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GOP Tax-Cuts are only for millionaires and make the US deficit GROW –

President Barack Obama’s Accomplishments Thus Far:

What is True and Not True About the US Government:

Facts on Health Care Reform:

How Conservative Attacks on Health Care Reform Will Affect YOU, your children & your grandchildren:

Eleven charts show everything that’s wrong with America.

 Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance -In 1778

Bills Republicans Have Blocked-
What kind of life do you want for yourself, your children and your grandchildren? Here are some comparisons of labor benefits, compensation and other workplace issues in the US as compared to other nations in the world: 1/2 of Younger Americans Have Preexisting Conditions: A new study by the Dept. of Health  @truthdig

 Justice Thomas not reporting wife’s income:

In 1944, FDR proposed a radical economic bill of rights:  Watch:

Fact, ALL 9 Senators who got an A on supporting our troops and veterans are Democrats. 9-0.

Visit this site to see what the GOP believes should be legal as long as it makes a profit:

Fox News lies so much that Canadian law bars them from broadcasting there

Please read, learn and share this important US Labor History ALL Americans should know!

The enemies are corporations that pay no taxes and violate labor, environmental and public safety laws as much as they can get away with – NOT unions or government. Do you want this flag?  (Watch The Grapes of Wrath to remind yourself of what life in the US was like before we had labor laws and other important regulations that DO protect us when they are complied with.) 

Move to Amend

More Coming Soon!

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