HealthCare Nightmares

This page is for Americans to tell their true stories about healthcare companies denying them care, what this resulted in healthwise, and what kinds of financial problems they’ve had as a result of inadequate healthcare. Please share your stories and name the healthcare companies if you wish.

This blog is also proud to be in solidarity with @EndBigInsurance which can be followed on Twitter and which provides excellent information for anyone on Single-Payer Universal Healthcare for ALL Americans, as does

1/2 of Younger Americans Have Preexisting Conditions: A new study by the Dept. of Health  @truthdig

Take Ted Deutch’s Health Care Survey

Visit this site to see what the GOP believes should be legal as long as it makes a profit & think about all those medicines that have been recalled AFTER they killed people:

Check out our latest episode of Whistle Where You Work on the future of the Whistleblower bill, & our food conference

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