Gary F. Rogers

Where Were You in 2003 – 2004? I Was In New York City / State / Homeless Shelter (s). By: Gary F. Rogers

“Do you ever wonder about the homeless people you see in your daily travels? This is your chance to walk a mile in their shoes and experience their lives. Citizens and politicians can pretend the homeless problem does not exist, but those thrown into the situation don’t have that luxury. Computer – End Program is one man’s story. Argile Stox is a pseudonym….” Excerpt from Review: Midwest Book Review – being homeless is not a picnic. August 28, 2004

 By: Laurel Johnson (Kansas USA) Amazon Link:

If you think 2010 Economy was Horrific; 2003 / 2004 ranks right up there! I lost my Job, Car, and Apartment in one felt-swoop; one fine day in the Fall of 2004. I was about to be living on the streets, until The Salvation Army “Volunteers of America” came to my rescue. They scooped me up in a van, right in front of The Bayside, New York Library – and quickly transported this

Author to a Men’s Warehouse Homeless Shelter in Manhattan, New York City.

 In my large “Black Duffle Bag – w/Wheels”, I had the presents of mind to pack an old Toshiba Satellite laptop computer. Within the confines of that laptop, every day, every chance I had (whenever I could find a A/C outlet in the shelter(s) to charge / run my laptop) to Chronicle my “Adventures in The Homeless World.” That was a working title. It eventually evolved into “Computer-End Program” By: Argile Stox; published by – Internet Trade-Paperback / Free: “Self-Publish” publishing company. My book went “Out of Print” in 2006. Why “Argile Stox” as a Pen-Name? I thought that if Readers ever forgot the title of my book, and who wrote it – They would surely equate Argile Stox w/ “Argile Socks”. That quirky sense of humor runs amuck throughout my Non-Fiction literary work (Fancy words for “my book”).

 Please view my Blog at this Link:  and join my Campaign to have my book Re-issued. Thank you in advance, for your Support. I Really Appreciate It! – Gary F. Rogers (I Guess The Book Readers of The USA will have to “Twist” their “Arm” to get my book Re-Issued! Only time will tell! – Gary / E-Mail from :  Dear Gary Rogers: Nah, not a good idea. Thank you, PublishAmericaSupport 


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