GOP War on the Constitution

When right-wingers say they “want their country back”, many of them mean that they want the US to go back to previous versions of the US Constitution – before women could vote and before Slavery was abolished. I will write more on this in the future.

It is important to understand the US Constitution and all of its Amendments when listening to right-wing media and conservative GOP and Independent candidates; there are issues that impact all of us having to do with workplace, family, wage, healthcare, free press, freedom of speech, poverty, crime, illness, disability, aging, retirement, public safety, public health, workplace safety, freedom of assembly, healthy food and water, fraud, consumer protections, freedom of and from religion, separation of church and state, lobbying, campaign finance, the environment, recourse for having been wronged, and every other aspect of life.

Republicans Say Everything the Dems Pass Is Unconstitutional — Even Policies They’ve Championed for Decades |AlterNet –

The Right-Wing War on Government:

The RW Anti-State Coalition – Who They Are:

The Anti-Government Movement’s Radical Agenda:

The Right-Wing War on Deregulation:

The War on Logic – Paul Krugman.

U.S. Plans to Sue 4 States Over Laws Requiring Secret Ballots for Unionizing

@wonkette Man With Pencil: Christians Should Give Up On Democracy, Support Dictatorship

Whistleblower: DoJ Declares War on Whistleblowers

In 1944, FDR proposed a radical economic bill of rights:  Watch:

Don’t vote for the American political party that says what Hitler said: ” We must reduce workers’ salaries and take away their right to strike.” ~Adolf Hitler, May 2, 1933

Conservatism is a Mental Illness:

If you’d like more info about why and how ALL constitutional rights for corporations should be addressed, see Why Abolish All Corporate Constitutional Rights and Not All Responses to Citizens United Are The Same.

Remain updated on how your elected officials vote on Labor and other issues: Sign up to see how your elected officials vote on various issues: Make sure you tell them you want workers’ rights to be protected and improved – not gutted by the GOP who are destroying workers’ rights because they accept large campaign donations from the Koch Brothers and other corporations.

Move to Amend

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