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How the Gingrinch Stole Childhood! on Twitpic

How the Gingrinch Stole Childhood! on Twitpic.


The GOP is a Ponzi Scheme Perpetrated Upon the American People

I have written this blog for those who are not very familiar with politics and sometimes find themselves confused or frustrated. This blog is also written for those who vote Republican and are conservative; I encourage you to think critically about why you vote GOP. Feel free to send me questions and comments.

Everything I write on this blog will be based on credible news sources and facts. Not everything in the mainstream corporate news or on the internet is true. Citations will be provided whenever possible. Tragically, millions of Americans do not even realize they are getting news from corporate-owned media sources that are not exercising freedom of the press and are reporting corporate propaganda instead of factual news to the American people.

Grand Ole Ponzi exposes the GOP’s intentional Ponzi Scheme being perpetrated on the American people. The GOP intends to make the top 2% wealthiest Americans even wealthier while making the middle class and everyone else poorer.

A Ponzi scheme is an intentional fraud set up to get you to invest money while promising you that you’ll get a lot more money back – even though the schemers promising this know you will not get a lot more back and that they will be profiting from your money.

That is what the GOP does with your votes for them; they use the trust placed in them by Americans to financially enrich themselves and their friends who own corporations. The GOP can’t come out and say this, because if they did, they wouldn’t win any elections. So, they lie.

They intentionally deceive American voters into thinking that their goals are the same as those of hardworking Americans, when in fact, their goals are not the same as yours – unless your goal is to have no health insurance, no labor protections, no food and water safety protections, no consumer protections, so social security in your old age, no medicare in your old age and no recourse when your rights are violated. Is that what you want?

Why does the GOP love poverty, low-paying jobs, unhealthy food and water, conflicts of interest, business fraud, fear of anyone who isn’t white and Christian, and keeping wealthy corporations as happy as possible while destroying any laws that protect employees, consumers and the elderly and disabled?

Because the Cheap Labor Republicans know that people who are desperate will do anything for money to pay for the necessities of food, clothing, and shelter.

They don’t want to obey labor laws, tax laws, workplace safety laws, environmental laws, public saftey laws, ethics laws, financial regulation laws, discrimination and harassment laws, or any other laws.

The GOP also hates any kind of social safety net such as Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, or Medicare – even though we all pay into those through taxes taken out of our paychecks. These are not “entitlement programs”; they are paid for and those systems work.

The GOP hates freedom of speech, journalistic integrity, reminders that the US is not a Christian nation, immigrants, LGBT people, women’s reproductive freedom, universal healthcare, financial regulation, consumer protection and any law or regulation that protects employees, food and water supplies, public health, consumers, bank customers, mortgage customers, whistleblowers or the envrionment.

So, they do their best to get rid of those laws at every opportunity. Look at the voting history of Republicans and you will see that this is true. There will be more in detail about this on this blog in the future.

The GOP (The Republican Party) does this by deceiving hard-working Americans into thinking that “government is bad” and “laws are bad” – and what happens is people who are busy working hard and may not have time to become educated on the details of these issues sometimes believe these GOP lies and vote against their own interests by voting Republican.

The GOP lies on a regular basis, and they do this intentionally. They are intentionally deceiving American voters. This is one of the worst frauds committed, and it should be a crime.

The GOP distorts facts, pays unethical economists and scientists to lie, and otherwise misrepresents proven facts and statistics. The GOP is nothing more than a lying unethical snake-oil sales group that does its best to intentionally trick hard-working Americans into voting against their own interests (workplace and consumer protections) and in the interests of wealthy corporations and billionaires (removing any and all protections, recourse regulations).

The snake-oil the GOP is selling is the idea of “The American Dream” – however that is only possible for the wealthiest of Americans – they want you to believe that you can have millions of dollars, own your own business, have all the material things you want, and answer to nobody.

Even the wealthiest Americans and corporations must answer to laws that protect employees, consumers, public safety, food and water, and the envrionment – though as you read this blog you will see that corporations find ways to NOT obey these laws – and they are only able to do this because of enthusiastic help from the GOP. BP, Enron, Massey, Tyco, and WorldCom are just a few examples of this. I’ll write more on this in the future.

But, this is the Ponzi Scheme; this idea of “freedom” sold by the GOP is not possible for anyone. We are all supposed to answer to the law and that is for the general welfare of our great nation -though the GOP keeps trying to repeal laws that protect ordinary working people, the elderly, the disabled, the retired and consumers.

“Trickle-Down Economics” is a lie. It’s a Ponzi Scheme. The lie that tax-cuts for the rich will create jobs for everyone else is a FRAUD. The Bush tax-cuts have been in place for ten years already and yet they did not create jobs for Americans. That is because the wealthiest 2% of Americans who own US corporations sent jobs overseas where they can pay slave-wages to people with little to no labor protections. This is what Cheap Labor Republicans do. If they were patriots, they would create Living-Wage Jobs with health coverage for Americans in the US, but they do not do that.

This has been intentional; the GOP knows it’s a Ponzi Scheme, but they use political “spin” (lies) to trick voters into believing their lies and voting Republican. If you are:

Unemployed, Disabled, a Woman, an Immigrant, under-employed, have a chronic illness, want your food and water to be safe, value reproductive freedom, want equal rights for LGBT persons, want corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, want to have social security in  your old age, want to have Medicare, want to have your pension in your old age, want to have Unemployment Insurance if you need it, want to be able to practice any religion you want (or no religion), want labor laws enforced so you are protected at work, want environmental laws enforced or care about your children and neighbors –  then – YOU SHOULD NOT BE VOTING REPUBLICAN (GOP), because they do not care about you, your health, your future, your rights as an American or your well-being.

Labor laws, environmental laws, food safety laws, consumer protection laws, financial regulation laws, whistleblower protection laws, EEO laws, ADA laws, public safety laws and many other laws and forms of legal recourse exist to protect THE PEOPLE. Do not let the GOP destroy those – which were earned for all of us by many brave patriotic Americans.

The GOP doesn’t care about The People; the GOP doesn’t care if oceans and food supplies are poisoned making people sick or if people are hurt and killed at work or if a lack of financial regulation causes economic disasters.

Remember learning about Indentured Servitude in school? The GOP wants to make the 98% of Americans who are not wealthy into their indentured servants.

Indentured servants work more than 8 hours a day, do not get safety protections, get abused in every way, do not get lunch hours, do not get health insurance, do not get disability payments, have no legal recourse for abuses they suffer, cannot afford to have cable tv, and they never retire. They usually died early deaths from overwork, workplace injuries, unhealthy food, poor living conditions and lack of healthcare.

There is another page on this blog that will explain what the US would look like if the GOP gets its way on every policy. There are drop-down menus on this blog’s header (above) that will be continually updated.  Be sure to check back.

The GOP’s main tools are political spin (lies), emotional and psychological manipulation (inciting violence and preying upon fears and frustrations), corruption (lobbyists and cronyism), and disdain for intelligence, critical thinking, patriotic dissent, intellectual honesty and facts.

This blog will explore in detail the many lies told by the GOP, which often intentionally misuses terms like “freedom”, “personal responsibility”, “patriotism”, “real Americans”, “socialist”, “terrorist”, “elite”, “entitlement” and others while directly attacking the US Constitution with their rhetoric. This blog will expose how they do this and provide examples with citations from credible news sources.

What is tragic is that so many Americans fall for this, perhaps because they are uneducated about the Constitution and what the actual definitions of these terms are – and/or – perhaps because the GOP has succeeded in their intentional goal of getting voters to make decisions based on strong fears and GOP-media inaccuracies instead of rational thought and truth from credible news sources.

Over the course of history, the GOP has almost always been on the wrong side of justice and history. This blog will go into detail on that and every other issue listed at the top of the blog.  New info will be added over time.

Thank you for visiting this blog. Please share it with your friends and family. Remember: Friends don’t let friends vote Republican.

Copyright Denise A. Romano 2011. Republication permitted with copyright intact. Thanks.