GOP Lies

FACTS Which Debunk GOP LIES: President Barack Obama’s Accomplishments Thus Far:

The enemies are corporations that pay no taxes and violate labor, environmental and public safety laws as much as they can get away with – NOT unions or government. Do you want this flag?  (Watch The Grapes of Wrath to remind yourself of what life in the US was like before we had labor laws and other important regulations that DO protect us when they are complied with.) 

Fox News lies so much that Canadian law bars them from broadcasting there

Fox Reverses Poll Results To Falsely Claim Most Americans Favor Ending Collective Bargaining

What is True and Not True About the US Government:

America is NOT Broke! “Job-Killing” #HCR Law? NO, House GOP misrepresents the facts. NFIB predicts 890K NEW JOBS!

“How Conservative Attacks on Health Care Reform Will Affect *YOU* ”

If anyone ever asks you what the “right-wing blogosphere” is, just show them this – it explains everything:

ACORN Vindicated of Wrongdoing by the Congressional Watchdog Office via @huffingtonpost post from 6/15/10

Justice Thomas not reporting wife’s income:

67% Of Tea Partiers Would Rather Raise Taxes Than Cut Social Security

Rep. Paul Ryan says budget buster. We check.

Gingrich wants to abolish the EPA…remember when he posed with Pelosi for Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection?

Michele Bachmann’s False Statements In Her Tea Party Response To The SOTU

You Can’t Think, and You’re Goddamned Liars (by Arthur Silber )

Art of War, Media Messages, and Conservative Terrorists

Republicans Say Everything the Dems Pass Is Unconstitutional — Even Policies They’ve Championed for Decades |AlterNet –

RNC – A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Koch’s Industry

Visit this site to see what the GOP believes should be legal as long as it makes a profit:

GOP Tax-Cuts are only for millionaires and make the US deficit GROW –

Gov. Scott Walker would NOT have gotten elected in WI if he had told the truth about his agenda. Don’t vote for the American political party that says what Hitler said: ” We must reduce workers’ salaries and take away their right to strike.” ~Adolf Hitler, May 2, 1933

Remain updated on how your elected officials vote on Labor and other issues: Sign up to see how your elected officials vote on various issues: Make sure you tell them you want workers’ rights to be protected and improved – not gutted by the GOP who are destroying workers’ rights because they accept large campaign donations from the Koch Brothers and other corporations.

The PolitiFact file on Rick Santorum
The PolitiFact file on Michele Bachmann,
The PolitiFact file on @MittRomney
The PolitiFact file on @NewtGingrich bate
The PolitiFact file on Texas Gov. Rick Perry
The PolitiFact file on @RonPaul

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