15-60 Minutes A Day!

This page will focus on quick, efficient, easy ways for busy people to remain informed about important issues that impact every citizen of the US, future generations and the rest of the world.

Remember, we live in a world in which everything is political: heatlhcare, housing, education, food and water safety, workplace safety and many other things that impact all of lives on a daily basis.

Tell YOUR Senators you Agree with Bernie Sanders! — Bernie Sanders Calls for Surtax on Millionaires, Ending Breaks for Big Oil http://bit.ly/eX2ILE

Boycott Scott Walker Contributors (via @blcnn) http://fb.me/VPeq7cso

“How Conservative Attacks on Health Care Reform Will Affect *YOU* ” http://bit.ly/dE66Ui

 If you’d like more info about why and how ALL constitutional rights for corporations should be addressed, see Why Abolish All Corporate Constitutional Rights and Not All Responses to Citizens United Are The Same.The War on Logic – Paul Krugman  http://nyti.ms/hUHgR9


Here are the rights Republicans will be taking away from you when they vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act http://bit.ly/emAHHE

In 1944, FDR proposed a radical economic bill of rights: http://j.mp/CDRXg  Watch: http://j.mp/9pGqq5

Positively American: How the Democrats Can Win in 2008 http://bit.ly/hHRGBX

Make BANKS Pay for their Intentional Fraud of the American People! http://makewallstreetpay.org/bigbankdrain/

Remain updated on how your elected officials vote on Labor and other issues: Sign up to see how your elected officials vote on various issues: http://www.congress.org/congressorg/megavote/ Make sure you tell them you want workers’ rights to be protected and improved – not gutted by the GOP who are destroying workers’ rights because they accept large campaign donations from the Koch Brothers and other corporations.

Move to Amend


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